Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daddy is off = Play Day

Today was a FUN day! I had a dr. appointment! Everything looks great and we scheduled the sonogram for January 26th! Cannot wait to find out if this baby is a BOY or a GIRL! I honestly have no intuition about what gender this baby is although I haven't craved sweets like I did with Carter and Jake!God knows what our family needs and I'm content with that!
After the appointment, I came home and picked up Brooks and Jake and we picked Carter up from school. We totally cheated on our no spending money on eating out since Brooks got a nice bonus from work.

After lunch we went to the MS Children's Museum.(I got free tickets from facebook.yay!) The boys LOVE going to this place!Here is Jake in the sound booth!
Carter would concentrate so hard to get the water spraying at just the right place!
Here is a video of the boys dancing in front of a green screen.

video coming soon...

Later today, I took my first sewing class! It was alot of fun! I learned how to use my machine and how to do appliques! Here is a pic of me and Brenda with our creations. (I just met Brenda tonight.)
Brooks was pumped when I got home and told him I had already sewed the rip in his pants he needed fixed. and just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I felt our baby kick for the very first time. Thankful for days like today and all the blessings God freely showers me with.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book #1. Check.

I finished READING my first book of the year today! yay! I read Debt Free U: How I Paid For An Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, Or Mooching Off My Parents. I gained alot of insight and although some topics would be more applicable if the boys were in high school, alot of topics made me think about how I teach them to get ready for college.
Here are a few of my nuggets I don't want to forget!
*Student loans are not an option
The statistics provided were right on with what Brooks and I are personally dealing with financially. It also talked about the substantial effects that loans have on a college graduate and with the trends of debt growing, I am strongly against my children ever having student loans. I don't think it is my responsibility to "take care" of college expenses, but teach my kids about how "real life" works so that they are prepared.
There were several topics that made me think, "I gotta teach them that!" First of all, I want to encourage the boys to earn and save their own money to buy things they'd like to have. I want them to understand that credit cards are not the answer.I want to teach them how to budget their money they do have and how to spend their money wisely (couponing, price comparing etc.) I want to provide opportunites for them to be responsible and show responsibility and learn that there are rewards and consequences for their actions. I want to teach them time management. (Oh to know how much TIME we had as college students!!) I want to teach them how to communicate effectively.
*Mommy-Match Account
I want to encourage savings through MMA. Basically, if they put $50 in a savings account, I'll match it with $50. One tip the book gave was to open a Roth IRA when the kids are Freshmen.Using the MMA system, you'd contribute throughout college. This can either serve to jump start their retirement fund, or if they wait 1 more year, it can be cashed out with no penalty after 5 years and would be a nice amount for a down-payment on a first home.I LOVE this idea!
I was kinda against my kids working during college (so they could focus on studies) but in reality a 10-15 hour a week job is manageable and would provide a couple hundred dollars to save and help with living expenses. Of course, I'll have to see what kind of "student" each child is when that time comes. (I'm banking on them all being brilliant :)
*College Real Estate
Brooks has always wanted to get a place in Starkville, but hey we aren't financially able at this point. BUT after reading about this, we decided it is a goal we will pursue once we are debt free. Having real estate in Starkville could provide A) a place for our kids to live while going to college and/or B) provide a nice source of cash flow when we retire.

There was alot more math and figures than I generally enjoy reading about, but the bottom line was that compounding interest either works against you or for you and we've already paid enough "stupid tax."

Cooking with Jake

It's raining again today and Jake and I were at home all day (with the exception of taking/picking Carter up from school.) Jake NEEDS to be DOING something. Usually, it involves playing baseball, football, golf, or any other sport he deems necessary. He's not much on sitting still. He and Carter were beginning to argue over EVERYthing, so I decided to give him a lil one-on-one time and let him help me freezer cook. Today I made more spagetti bake, enchilladas, and chocolate cake. (We didn't freeze the cake though.) Here are some pics of jake "cookin"
His giggles and smiles were so worth THIS mess!
He really liked using the measuring cups to scoop the enchillada sauce!
Carter came in to see what we were doing and decided he was gonna "help"
After we finished enchilladas, we decided to bake a cake!
Jake loves mixing! Love him so!
I loved having this time today. Jake kept saying,"I'm cooking, Mommy!" He was so proud. My heart is full.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st week of January is Over!

Okay, I am gonna shoot to update weekly unless something blog worthy happens! I'm pretty excited to be sticking with the goals I have set for this year! I've worked towards all my goals except for exercise :( but I've got plans for this week!! Monday we hung around the house. The boys got haircuts! Here is a before picture. It's really difficult to cut their hair, but I really hate paying when I can kinda do a good enough job myself. Just don't wanna waste that money!
and after...
Tuesday morning the boys suggested we color. I got Carter a workbook that helps with handwriting. I'm nervous for Kindergarten in a few months because his letters are ummm....a work in progress. Plus, he's left handed so his skills look weird to me.All I can do is practice with him. Anyway, here is a pic of them coloring and handwriting. I wasn't surprised when after being out of the room to come back and find Jake on top of the table. That's just Jake.
Tuesday night I pulled Spaghetti bake out of the freezer and Carter was so upset (this is one of his favorites.) He said he was NOT eating those worms. Of course I made him sit there regardless with me and Jake (Brooks was working late) and he ended up having 3 servings.
Wednesday morning we went to Storytime at the library. Here is Carter dancing!
After we sang songs and danced, their craft activity was to build a snowman. We checked out some more books, but Jake ate his snowman before we got out of the library!
Carter has recently discovered his love of Turkey sandwiches. He likes to make them by himself and eats them often, sometimes 2 at a time. Lord, what am I gonna do when they are teens! We've gone through 2 1/2 loaves of bread since Sunday!!
Thursday Carter went back to school at Lakeside, so Jake and I had a lil time by ourselves. Jake LOVES dressing up. He'll disappear and then show up in a crazy outfit. See what I mean?
After Carter got out of school, we went to the park for a lil bit since it was nice outside.
Friday we stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY (well Jake and I did.) I was just so TIRED! I tried to get Carter and Jake to nap, but that didn't work. I forgot the last time Jake took a nap. I'm scared it is officially over. Carter stopped napping around this time too. Today (Saturday)Brooks is off! Yay! He only gets 2 a month and we like having him around on a Saturday! Brooks and I slept in til 9 or so. The boys were up super early, but played and didn't have any breakdowns, so we took advantage. There was a pudding cup and a bag of popcorn in the bed when I woke up! Ha! Brooks cooked us breakfast and we ate together which is rare!We get supper, but breakfast is a treat! Jake sang the blessing and it was really sweet. He seemed really proud of himself. We all got dressed and went to Chuck E.Cheese since Jake got tokens from Big Daddy and Dede for Christmas. Here are some pics of the boys playing.
Then we went to Firehouse subs for lunch with the giftcard Big Daddy & Dede gave us! (Sticking to our budget has been easier with giftcards!) Here are Carter and Jake looking at the fish outside.
We rode bikes for a minute beacuse it is suppossed to rain later today.
O yeah, I'm pregnant with #3! I am 16 weeks 2 days. Look at this BELLY! whoa, baby! I go to the doctor next Thursday and we will schedule the sonogram to find out the sex! I cannot wait to know what we are having!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm not sure how 2010 and 2011 passed without a blog update. oh wait. I have 2 active little boys and I'm still learning the art of time management as a stay at home mom! New year, fresh start, new challenges for us. I'm excited. I've been trying to decide what goals I want to accomplish this year over the past week or so and blogging is on the list. Just in looking over the very few posts from 2008 and 2009, there are so many things I had forgotten. Time just passes so quickly. I am attempting to post something every few days. Ha. We'll see.
Accountability when setting goals is a great motivator. So here's my public announcement for the handful of people that actually read this.

My top 10 goals for the year 2012
1. Blog about our family.
2. Read the Bible chronologically.
3. Learn how to sew.
4. Make a new friend. (a real live one)
5. Read 2 books a month.
6. Spend time each week with Carter and Jake individually.
7. Organize my junk room.
8. Create an office/sewing space.
9. Exercise 30 minutes a day.
10. FOLLOW the budget we have in place.

All are doable. Just gotta do them.

We spent the first day of this new year doing nothing really exciting. We went to church. I napped. Brooks napped. Boys played with the leap pad. We read some books. Brooks went to the grocery store. I planned on taking a pic of all of us. Maybe tomorrow.:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer--3 weeks already??

I can't believe how quickly summer has been going already. Okay so time really does fly when you are having fun! Cheesy but SO TRUE! I have had so much fun with my boys! Let's see. We started out the summer with a bang by heading to the beach. Actually just Mommy got to go to the beach, but the boys got to visit their Great-grands (Brooks' grandparents) on the coast and see my friends Stacy and Kristy and Stacy's little boys, Parker and Cooper. Stacy, Kristy, and Me. The standard squeeze in and hold the camera as far away as possible! Here is my Jake and my friend Kristy who is expecting her first baby in December! Cooper pulling Carter in the wagon and Parker Here is Cooper and Carterman playing After we left Hattiesburg, we headed to Mam Maw and Papa's house in Gulfport. The boys stayed there while I went to Gulf Shores with a group of girls for the weekend. Mam Maw and Papa had so much fun watching Carter entertain them and rocking Jake. Mam Maw always takes such good care of them and cries every time we leave. She told me that she cherishes every moment she gets with them. We love Mam Maw and Papa so much! Papa and Carter after rolling a car.

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Carter waiting to catch the car from Papa.

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Carter getting much attention from Mam Maw and Papa!

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Leaving the beach, I got the news that Mr. Jimmie, my aunt Laurie's father, had passed. We celebrated his life that following Tuesday in McComb. I have to say it was a wonderful funeral. The preacher asked us to look at the program. On the front it had Mr. Jimmie's picture and birth and death dates. He told us that the most important thing was the dash between the dates. It is what you DO in your life that matters. I decided I better get busy working on my dash. I want to glorify God as much as possible and make Him proud just like Mr. Jimmie did. We took the opportunity of being in McComb to visit Paw Paw (my grandfather.) He took us to Wendy's for lunch and of course we all got a Frosty! Here is Paw Paw and Jake!

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That weekend Brooks pulled out Carter's pool and we let him swim in the front yard. He LOVED it! He learned how to do butt busters. Guess it made a good splash...
Carter splashin'

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Jake and Daddy sittin on the front porch

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We decided to mosey on down to the Flowood Family Festival that night. So glad we went!! They had a petting zoo and jumpers and balloons Oh my!! Carter petting a goat

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Carter and the chickens

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Jake cruisin in our huge stroller

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Loving his balloon!

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The next day my friend Morgan from school called and asked if I wanted her old 2 seater wagon. With tailgating just a few months away, I said, "SURE!" We went over to get it in Madison and Carter and Jake got to play with her 4 year old twins. They are talkative! Carter playing chase with Olivia and Sydney

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Hugging Ms. Morgan

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Later that week Brooks and I heard a weird noise coming from Jake's room. Brooks went to his room and yelled for me to get the camera and come quick. Jake had finally found his rattle! It has been in his bed forever and he finally decided to pick it up and shake it!
Jake and his Rattle!

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Video of Jake shaking his Rattle! LOVE it!!

We spent the week at VBS. It was incredible. I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of it! Here is a link of a video the church made. I am on here at different points dancing. I am in a pink shirt, good luck on finding me! :) I taught 2nd grade with my friend Amie. We had so much fun! One day while telling the class about Matthew and explaining that we were all sinners, a little girl questioned me and said, "Everybody?" I said, "Well, yes." She replied, "Even Abraham Lincoln? History says he was ALWAYS truthful." I told her even Honest Abe sinned. So cute! At snack one day a little boy named Tyson came up smiling with a Kool-aid stained face and said, "Ms. Emily, this is my 7th cup of juice." He smiled so big, but spent the rest of the day in the bathroom....We had an average attendance of 1500 kids and 399 volunteers. Man, God is Good!

Reservoir VBS 2009 Highlights from Pinelake Church on Vimeo.

Carter came home with some cute crafts and Jake made a picture frame with his footprint on it and the cutest picture of him inside. Carter's teacher said he loved to dance each day and Jake's teacher said he was the sweetest baby she has ever kept. I know I have been blessed with sweet babies and Thank You God for knowing what I could handle!!

The local library has story-time 2 times a week. We try to make it at least once a week. We have been twice so far. The librarian reads a story, then the kids get to play.
Here is the librarian passing out dinosaurs to put on the board.

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Carter started jumping off the little step over and over and over. Here he is jumping again!

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We went to Chik-fil-a with my friend Rebecca and her little girls Sarah Kate and Apple. We had dinner and played on the playground. We always have a good time with them! Carter and the girls eating.

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The gang again.

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Playing on the slide

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Getting ready to go

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Apple giving Carter a hug goodbye

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We decided to go swimming yesterday (June 14) with my friend Aricia and her little girl. I am not sure if Jake has been swimming yet, but he hasn't been with me so I am calling this his first swim. He was automatic! He started kicking his legs as soon as I put him in! Carter quickly realized that he was too big for his floatie and resorted to jumping in on the side (with mommy waiting and holding her hands!)

My cool Jake

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My sweet boys!

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Mommy and her boys!

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carter entertaining as usual!

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When we got home the boys were worn out. Carter ate supper and said, "Nite-nite" as soon as he finished eating. He is learning so much. I out him in his bed but we couldn't find his baby. I pretended that Baby was hiding from us and began looking in the toybox, under the crib, in the closet, etc. He just laughed at me. When I "found" Baby I gave it to him and he gave it a big hug, said nite-nite and layed his little head down. I am so thankful for those moments. It amazes me how much he fills my heart every single day.

and Today... we went to the doctor. Jake has a little cold. We got some meds and headed home. Jake was hungry. He is 6 1/2 months now and loving to eat baby food! Here he is after Sweet Potatoes and Prunes. Once his hands get food on them it is all over. Food ends up everywhere! Love him!

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